Dr. Götz G. Wehberg

Dr. Götz G. Wehberg has been founding the DSI as a think tank in 1997, expanding his engagement as a sponsor over time. Götz is a Corporate Senior Vice President and has been sponsoring the Global IT Service Transformation at Fresenius group amongst others. Götz is a also member of the Committee for Information Management and Digitalization of the VCI, the German association of the Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals industry.

Prior to Fresenius, Götz was a Senior Partner at a Global System Integrator or "Big Four", respectively, for more than ten years. He has been in various senior leadership roles, running global sectors as well as the Global Manufacturing & Supply Chain business amongst others. His fields of expertise are Smart Operations, IT enabled Business Transformation and M&A. Götz worked for major clients like BASF, Bayer, BMW, BP, Cardinal Health, Mars, Mercedes-Benz, Siemens, Total and Volkswagen.

Götz is an author of a number of books such as „Digital Supply Chains - Key Facilitator to Industry 4.0 and New Business Models“ (3rd edition, Taylor & Francis) as well as "The Triple Long Tail Strategy: Digitalization and individualization as a competitive weapon" (Deloitte).

Götz is married for more than 20 years, has two sons and is living in Greater Cologne / Germany. 

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