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 „Digital initiatives are often too techy, don't scale and don't create business impact as expected. DSI can help to make digital investments a success.“ 

Götz G. Wehberg, PhD, Corporate Senior Vice President at Fresenius SE & Co KGaA and DSI Founder & Sponsor
Our DSI leadership:

DSI engagements are being run by a dedicated team of experienced managers and entrepreneurs, guided by the DSI leaders Felix Honegger, Thomas Rosendahl,  Jan Schreiber, Eva Pauly, Christoph Pinkel and Götz G. Wehberg:  

Felix A. Honegger is a seasoned and successful leader and consultant with a proven track record of transforming business opportunities into profitable outcomes. He holds an executive MBA and degrees in computer science, providing him with a unique combination of strategic and technical expertise. 

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Thomas Rosendahl, PhD, has more than 25 years of executive experience in the field of marketing, technology innovations, digital products and platform-based business in Europe and the USA. He is a passionate digital transformation leader with a track record of successfully launching and scaling digital businesses & technologies.

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Jan Schreiber, Exec. MBA, is an experienced advisor with more than 15 years track record in the Manufacturing and Automotive industry. Jan`s fields of expertise include Large Scale Digitalization programs as well as Sales & Marketing. He has worked on digitalization topics for more than 10 years, with DAX as well as mid-sized companies. 

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Eva Pauly, qualified business graduate, certified business mediator and business coach, is a recognized expert in change management. Eva has 20 years of professional experience from various leadership and project roles in Human Resources and other functions, in a DAX company.

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Christoph Pinkel, PhD, is a seasoned Engineering Leader who specializes in data technologies, analytics and AI. He has 18 years of experience building IT systems in the space of data processing and advanced analytics. He combines extensive experience in startups and scaleups with experience from leadership roles in well-known tech companies with.

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Götz G. Wehberg, PhD, has been founding the DSI as a think tank in 1997, expanding his engagement as a sponsor over time. Götz is a Corporate Senior Vice President and has been sponsoring the Global IT Service Transformation at Fresenius group amongst others. Götz is a also member of the Committee for Information Management and Digitalization of the VCI, the German association of the Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals industry.

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