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Performance agenda - Bring your operations to the next level 

Our OPERATIONS-expertise offers proven capabilities for e2e supply chain management and shop floor optimisation:

SELF-DRIVING OPERATIONS: DSI shares expertise to establish autonomous mechanisms to enhance resilience

Resilience is more important than ever, due to unforeseen factors like CORONA and terror attacks. Self-driving operations help to cope with increased complexity from the inner and outer supply chain. And a trend back to onshore operations is on everybody's lips. But how to ensure sufficient resilience, practically? DSI has developed its own approach towards an increased resilience. As DSI suggests, it's not about creating as much autonomy as possible, however about the right level and an effective self-organization.

DSI principles on self-driving supply chains:

DIGITAL SUPPLY CHAIN: Implement industry 4.0 in an end-to-end fashion and leverage the full impact

Supply chain management is challenged in many respects: How to contribute to the digitalization strategy of the company? How to make a difference in competition with means of advanced logistics services? How to adopt to a more individualized product portfolio which includes more make-to-order? How to make use of new technologies in a commercially viable way? DSI facilitates answers in line with your corporate strategy and capabilities. Our long lasting supply chain experience offers a wealth of best practices and ready-to-implement solutions across industries.

Levels of supply chain maturity (Source: DSI):

SHOP FLOOR OPTIMIZATION: Together with your production team, DSI brings operational excellence to the next level 

Digitalization offers a lot of opportunities to optimise operations. DSI combines both established levers like OEE, Maintenance, etc. and new technology like IoT, MES, etc. Moreover, by new PPDS concepts such as DDMRP we facilitate that your operations supports your overall digitalization strategy and is prepared. Our teams combine hands-on operations experience with practical IT knowledge and implementation capabilities. 

DDMRP approach of DSI:

PREDICTIVE S&OP: DSI offers expertise on artificial intelligence to improve demand and supply planning

Sales and operations planning is a key value driver for operations. While new technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning suggest that planning becomes easier, reality shows increasing challenges. Moreover, the current S4HANA migration of many companies ask for a clear take on what the benefit is and which vendors (IBP or others) are the best for which industry. But even more important, what is the business benefit of all these efforts and how to optimize in terms of an end-to-end approachDSI shares expertise and knows proven solutions

Benefit of predictive demand planning (illustrative):

Source: DSI

DSI INTERVIEW: Talking to DSI founder Götz Wehberg on future supply chain network design and digital twins

Design principles

Supply chain design of the future

Digital twin of the supply chain

COO ROADMAP: DSI facilitates a comprehensive project plan for your journey towards digital operations

Operations are the motor room of your company. In order to digitalize your operations, systematically, DSI shares expertise to develop a comprehensive roadmap, which helps you to think big (overall operations potential and target picture), start small (pilot use cases and sites) and scale fast (use case library, cross-site leverage). The DSI roadmap is being developed along six proven dimensions (planning, organization, control, etc.). Typically, we facilitate the operations roadmap in an agile mode, i.e. the roadmap is an alive steering tool and not a one-off exercise.

Example DSI roadmap for digital operations:

SUPPLY CHAIN ORGANIZATION: DSI shares expertise for an effective supply chain governance and team set-up 

DSI research results show that 4 out of 5 supply chain organisations lack a proper supply chain governance. Digitalization makes this structural challenge even more relevant. DSI, therefore, has developed a proven tool set for developing supply chain organizations, effectively. Based on well-established supply chain models, your organization can prepare to coordinate your supply chain in an end-to-end mode, effectively, including capability development and change management where necessary.  

Project example for a proper supply chain organization:

PROCUREMENT 4.0: DSI study brings strategic sourcing to the next level and delivers short-term savings 

What's next for procurement? DSI has developed a use case library to address the digitalization potential in operational procurement. Our Procurement 4.0 study facilitates cost savings in both source-to-pay as well as strategic sourcing. Special category know how includes IT services, transport & logistics, long tail spend amongst others.

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