DSI ImplemenT

Why ImplemenT

There are plenty of IT consulting firms in the IT environment. With ImplemenT, the DSI is establishing a new form of consultancy that works exclusively with consultants who have proven their expertise in operational IT management. ImplemenT brings consultants with real street credits from doing it before.

What we do - Control head for coping with IT challenges

"We always act free of our own implementation interests. This allows us to focus 100% on your requirements and select and manage your project service providers with a neutral eye."

ImplemenT is typically taking the role as control head for coping with your IT challenges, be it:

  • Managing the legacy (consolidation, cloud migration, etc.)
  • Rescuing stranded IT projects (business alignment, CRs, etc.)
  • Digitalization (Smart Products, CX, AI based Ops, digital SCM, etc.)  
  • People transition (employees engagement, AI training, humanocratics, organizational change, etc.) 


Felix Honnegger, MD ImplemenT

DSI ImplemenT engagement areas:

Digital business models
Smart operations
Digital facilitators

What resources we have - the team

We are happy to provide you with suitable ImplemenT consultant profile on request. Please contact us under info@digitalsupplyinstitute.com. Selected DSI leaders are available to support.

See DSI leadership team

How we work - ImplemenT Charta

The ImplemenT consultants work together based on a shared Charta.


ImplemenT Charta
ImplemenT Charta.pdf (70.72KB)
ImplemenT Charta
ImplemenT Charta.pdf (70.72KB)