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SMART RESTRUCTURING: In Corona times, DSI helps companies to manage both COVID-19 and digitalization

Many companies struggle with finding back to a normal. COVID-19 has caused significant revenue losses, orders have been cancelled, margins  and cash are shrinking and cost not been adjusted to the new under-scale yet. Last not least, digitalization is being postponed to focus on managing the crisis. DSI, therefore, has developed a smart restructuring approach that combines both classical turn-around methods and proven digitalization programs. Our clients can just not effort to do things subsequently, they need to restructure now, while digitalising their businesses right away. In line with our value, we commit to skin in the game, e.g. with our consulting-for-equity approach.  

GREEN-CO: Make your business 100-percent sustainable with DSI

Sustainability is not a choice anymore but a key success factor for most businesses. Also, it is not limited to CO2 emissions neither single steps of the value chain, however, considers multi dimensions and suppliers. DSI`s approach to sustainability is developing green business models based on stretched targets. For example, becoming climate neutral by 2030 can be an inspiring goal and you would be surprised how much is possible already. Sustainability and business impact thus have to become two sides of the same coin. Let`s think about your business and how it becomes greener and smarter, together!

"Smarter means also greener. Social responsibility and business impact will be the same in mid term."

Jan Schreiber, Managing Partner of DSI

DSI HEALTH CHECK: Our digital maturity assessment addresses short-term monetarization potentials

Within two to four weeks only, DSI performs a comprehensive stock taking of your digitalization efforts. The scope of the Health Check will be customized and typically includes future business models, the go-to-market, your operations including production, procurement, logistics and services (Finance, HR ..) as well as ongoing projects, IT investments.As outcome, we discuss with you improvement opportunities and a digital roadmap for the way forward. In order to cover most relevant aspects in such limited period of time, we approach pragmatically and work primarily judgment based rather than driven by analyses. The DSI Health Check is a pragmatic approach to bring you digital projects back on track and/or assure quality.

DSI digital maturity framework:

WORKING CAPITAL DOWN: DSI helps to optimise working capital in the "90-percent economy"

In a post-Corona time, most business are not yet back to normal when it comes to size and scale. This kind of 90-percent economy creates own challenges in terms of cash positions, down-scaling of capacities without compromising service levels and asks for an optimisation of working capital in terms of payables, receivables as well as inventories along the entire value chain. The DSI is providing its proven WORKING CAPITAL DOWN approach to help companies maintaining liquidity and resilience of their supply chain.


 S4HANA REVIEW: Get the maximum value out of your IT projects and SAP conversion by DSI`s value driven approach  

Digitalization is on everybody’s lips. And there are only few things that work without IT. But that does not mean, that just by using latest technology you succeed. Many IT programs suffer from happy engineering and lack business focus. So, how about your S4HANA program? What lessons learned should you consider, what kind of success factors are key, which pitfalls to avoid? DSI reviews your S4HANA program in order to prevent you from sunk investments and facilitate your company to get the most value out of S4HANA. We have done this before and are happy to make your program a business transformation rather than ERP implementation.


S4HANA - Six Lessons Learned
Six Lessons Learned.pdf (305.27KB)
S4HANA - Six Lessons Learned
Six Lessons Learned.pdf (305.27KB)

PROCUREMENT 4.0: DSI brings strategic sourcing to the next level and delivers short-term savings 

What's next for procurement? DSI has developed a use case library to address the digitalization potential in operational procurement. Our Procurement 4.0 program provides cost savings in both source-to-pay as well as strategic sourcing. Special category know how includes IT services, transport & logistics, long tail spend amongst others. 

DIGITAL SUPPLY CHAINS: DSI`s 3rd edition of "Digital Supply Chains":

Please see the latest edition of "Digital Supply Chains - Key to Industry 4.0 and digital business models, leveraging on S4HANA and beyond", published by Routledge: 

This book provides a practical guide to digital supply chain modelling, demonstrating an agile approach to how such models can be applied to any manufacturing company to build competitive advantage, facilitate new business models and drive towards Industry 4.0. The agile approach of the book provides an attractive alternative to the conventional country-by-country deployment of S/4 HANA and other relevant technologies.

DSI REMOTE: Most DSI services can be performed remote !!

In Corona times, working on site is not always appropriate. Therefore, we have developed a remote-working style which facilitates social distancing, while collaborating closely with our clients and developing solutions together as one team. We have remote-tools (e.g. DSI Teams) in order to support our virtual collaboration. There are only a few instances, which cannot be supported in a remote-only mode, like site visits for shop floor optimization. And preferably, a first get-to-know with a small number of participants is on site, as a basis to work remotely. Because working off-site requires even more trust and empathy. By doing so, we have good experience to effectively develop the targeted deliverables and build a one-team spirit.

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