To make your digital ventures a success, the DSI can provide the necessary resources in terms of the so called 3-Cs, Competency, Community, Capital: 

Competency: The DSI can bring critical business, technology as well as change management expertise and leverage on the deep experience of the DSI team based on a strategy-led approach. It represents experienced industry executives, managers and entrepreneurs with relevant street credits, e.g., with a proven track record from working at industry champions and their digitalization initiatives. 

Community: The DSI team is prepared to connect the dots by leveraging its network of DSI sponsors, industry executives and experts, while maintaining independence and ethical standards. The DSI community of digital leaders and enthusiasts includes more than 10,000 DSI subscribers.

Capital: The DSI can support investments in an end-to-end and entrepreneurial mode. Our DSI engagement models include all kind of funding (VC, PE, strategic investors, family office, etc.), Consulting-for-Equity as well as different service formats with "skin in the game". DSI sponsors and leadership provide funding expertise and have set up funds of up to USD 10 bn before.

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